It's Time To Talk About OAB

Millions Live with Overactive Bladder (OAB). Tell Us Your story!


It's Time to Talk about OAB on Inspire

The "It's Time to Talk About Urology" health community connects patients, families, friends and caregivers to generate support and inspiration. Meet with others who live with OAB symptoms and get the conversation started.


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People are talking about OAB! See what others are saying about our "It's Time to Talk About OAB" campaign and check back for regular updates.

Voices of OAB Contest

Share your voice. Raise awareness. Enter to win a Tablet PC.

Inspire others with your story about how you manage your OAB symptoms. You can record it in your own voice and submit it to the Voices of OAB contest. Explain how OAB has impacted your daily life and what you did to take control and manage your symptoms. Everyone who enters has a chance to win a new tablet PC!


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