Why We Need Your Support

The Foundation is committed to advancing urology research. Through its competitive peer-review process, the Urology Care Foundation focuses on funding urologic research and mentoring the future generation of researchers. This research support is critical in helping to fund new treatments and improve patients' lives.

The Foundation's research award programs provide significant funding for innovative research, leading to advances in urology. Since 1975, we have invested more than $30 million on urology research and have played a role in nearly every urology breakthrough in recent history. In particular, our Research Scholars Program has provided over 750 scholarships and awards to young MD and PhD researchers, igniting their careers in urology.

To that end, the American Urological Association (AUA) and Urology Care Foundation have developed a portfolio of impactful awards that represent the AUA's key research priorities of attracting and recruiting the most talented MDs and PhDs into urology research, and retaining them and fostering their career success.

Our goal is to recruit the "best and brightest" into the field of urology research. This sequence of awards is designed to create a pipeline for developing surgeon-scientists by providing meaningful and impactful research experiences for each step in the urologist's training career path.

Each year, the Urology Care Foundation receives many more applications for Research Scholars awards than can be supported through current funding sources. Therefore, the Foundation remains diligent and dedicated to fostering partnerships with both current and new donors to increase support for urologic research and continue to make a positive impact for all patients suffering from urologic conditions.



Featured Researcher

Dr. Larry LipshultzSince receiving the first Foundation Research Scholar Award, Dr. Larry Lipshultz has trained over 80 fellows. He estimates nearly 3,000 babies have been conceived with his work in male infertility.