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Urology Care Foundation The Official Foundation of the American Urological Association


2011 Pfizer/Urology Care Foundation OAB LUTS Research Training Award Program

Review Criteria

Each application is evaluated by an independent peer review panel according to the following criteria. Each criterion will receive a single criterion score.

Applicant (PI)

  • The applicant's training experience, as reflected by his/her previous trainees' career achievements and areas of interest, indicates strong potential for productivity and success in mentoring of the trainee.
  • The strength of the applicant's track record, as evidenced by a demonstrated history of funding and publications, indicates that the trainee will receive effective mentorship.
  • The applicant's research experience, research program, committed resources, and level of effort are appropriate for the proposed training program.

Research Project

  • The proposal is sufficiently sound, organized, and developed to provide the trainee with a rigorous and meaningful research training experience related to female urology.
  • The project will help to prepare the trainee for success in an academic career as an independent investigator in female urology research.
  • The scientific rationale supports the project and its feasibility as demonstrated by a critical review and analysis of the literature, relevant preliminary data, and/or logical reasoning.
  • The hypotheses or objectives, aims, experimental design, methods, and analyses are adequately developed.
  • Potential problems are recognized and alternative approaches are presented.
  • The overall scientific environment is appropriate for the proposed research activities, including critical professional interaction with established senior research colleagues.

Selection Procedure

Selections are based on the results of the review panel. Applications will be reviewed following the application deadline and applicants will be notified by March 31, 2011. All applicants will be advised of the results.

Recipients of grants in any year may not reapply during the subsequent cycle; investigators awarded grants in 2011 are not eligible to apply for a 2012 grant but will be eligible to reapply the following year (2013).

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