What are the Risks?


If you are generally healthy, there is little to no risk with MRI. This test cannot be done if you have any metal in your body, such as:

  • Metal hip/knee/joint replacements
  • Cardiac pacemaker/defibrillator or other implanted devices
  • Brain aneurysm clips/coils
  • Ear implants

The technician or doctor will ask if you have any metal in your body to prevent trauma or burn with an MRI.


MRI does not work very well in the urinary tract. Its signals will not show calcifications in soft tissue and bladder abnormalities.

Also, MRI does not show bones clearly, so it’s less useful if your doctor is trying to see if cancer has spread to the bone.

MRI is very useful when gadolinium contrast is added. This results in much more detail for soft tissue than CT scans. But this should not be used if you have kidney or liver problems.