How is Prostate Cancer Treated?

Deciding what treatment you should get can be complex. It depends on the stage and grade of the cancer. It also depends on your age and health. When thinking about which treatment to choose, you should consider side effects, long–term effects and outcomes of each. No one treatment is perfect for every man.

Some cancers grow so slowly that treatment may not be needed. But some grow fast and are life–threatening. Your health care provider will review your PSA level, T stage, Gleason score, and biopsy results. The results from these test will help your health care provider predict the likelihood of your cancer progressing or coming back. With all of this information you and your health care provider should decide the best treatment option for you. To help you make the best decision visit Michigan Cancer Consortium to review their materials on how to choose the best treatment for you.

The treatment choices for prostate cancer are: