Foundation Releases Lineup of Kidney Stones Patient Education at AUA2015

By: Urology Care Foundation | Posted on: 16 May 2015

Four new Kidney Stones patient education materials will be published at the AUA 2015 Annual Meeting. 14,000 health care providers, researchers and other members of the urology community attend this meeting every year. It provides the Foundation with a great way to reach providers who help their patients with these materials.

Kidney Stones are one of the most common urological conditions. More than 1 million Americans will get a kidney stone this year. The number in the U.S. is rising too. Educating people on this condition has become a top priority of the Foundation. We are proud to present the following:

More Kidney Stone facts:

  • Race, gender and ethnicity affect who may get kidney stones.
  • Whites are more likely to suffer from Stones than other races.
  • Men get them more often than women, but recent studies show the number of women getting kidney stones is rising.
  • Kidney stone attacks lead to more than 2 million health care provider visits and 600,000 ER visits each year.
  • People tend to get stones in midlife.
  • The diagnosis, treatment and prevention of kidney stones and the lost time from work costs almost $5.3 billion each year.