Get the Facts about Peyronie's Disease

By: Urology Care Foundation | Posted on: 26 Oct 2016

Get the Facts about Peyronie's Disease

The Urology Care Foundation is getting the word out about Peyronie's Disease. Talking to your doctor (as soon as you can) is crucial if you think you have it.

As a starting point for learning about this disease, view 3 of our free educational resources:

More Facts about Peyronie's Disease

  • It impacts about 6% of men between ages 40 and 70.
  • The number of cases may be higher than known, as many men may be too embarrassed to seek help.
  • The plaque that builds is not the same plaque that can build in a person's arteries.
  • Signs of the disease may include a curve in the penis, hard lumps on the side of the penis, soft or painful erections and having sex that hurts.
  • It is not a disease you can catch from someone else and it is not caused by any known disease that can be passed to others.

You can also learn more by reading our "What is Peyronie's Disease?" web page.