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Ureteral Stents What You Should Know

Ureteral Stents What You Should Know

A ureteral stent is a plastic, flexible tube that helps the kidney drain urine after kidney stone surgery. Learn about how they feel, how they are removed and when to call a doctor if you feel concerned. … more

Urine Color

Urine Color

A fact sheet about the meaning behind the color of urine for people of all ages to know when to drink more, what can change urine color and when to talk with a doctor about urine color.… more


Hypospadias - What You Should Know

A short summary of this condition, including signs treatments and questions to ask the health care team.… more


Varicoceles - What You Should Know

Designed for teen boys and men to explain this condition, causes, treatments and address frequently asked questions.… more

Kidney Stones - Treatment

Kidney Stones - Treatment

Download this fact sheet.… more

UTI in Children Hindi

बच्चों में यूटीआइ

मूत्र मार्ग में संक्रमणों के बारे में अभिभावकों को क्या जानने की जरूरत है, एक संक्षिप्त समीक्षा। (UTI in Children)… more