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Arabic Kidney Masses and Localized Kidney Tumors

الكتل الكلوية وأورام الكلى الموضعية

دليل حول كيفية تشخيص الكتل الكلوية ومعالجتها وإدارتها، بما في ذلك وجهة نظر المرضى.… more

Urologic Cancer Cookbook

Living Healthy Cookbook with Information about Urologic Cancers

Part of managing cancer includes a healthy diet and lifestyle. This educational cookbook has recipes from celebrity chefs and is designed to help those affected by urologic cancers.… more

Kidney Masses Spanish

Guía para pacientes con cáncer de riñón

Una guía sobre cómo diagnosticar, tratar y manejar las masas renales, incluida la perspectiva del paciente.… more