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Overactive Bladder Managing OAB at Work and on the Go

Overactive Bladder: Managing OAB at Work and on the Go

If you have overactive bladder (OAB), it can be hard to get through the day without many visits to the bathroom. This fact sheet includes some tips to make your life easier at work and play if you have OAB.… more

Pelvic Floor Muscle Relaxing

Pelvic Floor Muscle Relaxing: What You Should Know

Strong pelvic floor muscles can help prevent leakage and calm the urge to pass urine. Sometimes these muscles can be too tight, which can cause urine leaks, trouble emptying your bladder and pain during sex.… more

Bladder Diary Assessment Tool

Bladder Diary Assessment Tool

Use this bladder diary assessment tool and share the results with your healthcare provider to get a better understanding of your urinary incontinence symptoms. … more

Bladder Prolapse What You Should Know

Bladder Prolapse - What You Should Know

An overview of bladder prolapse causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options.… more

Urine Color

Urine Color

A fact sheet about the meaning behind the color of urine for people of all ages to know when to drink more, what can change urine color and when to talk with a doctor about urine color.… more


Hypospadias - What You Should Know

A short summary of this condition, including signs treatments and questions to ask the health care team.… more


Varicoceles - What You Should Know

Designed for teen boys and men to explain this condition, causes, treatments and address frequently asked questions.… more

Bladder Control Assessment Tool

Bladder Control Assessment Tool

This Bladder Control assessment tool may help to measure symptoms and quality of life related to passing urine. … more

Pelvic Floor Muscle Strengthening

Pelvic Floor Muscle Strengthening

Download this fact sheet on how to perform Kegel exercises.… more

OAB Assessment Tool

Overactive Bladder Assessment Tool

An assessment tool that allows patient to score symptoms and illustrates how they may be affecting their quality of life.… more

OAB Bladder Diary

Overactive Bladder Diary

This Overactive Bladder assessment tool may help to record liquid intake, how often urine is passed and urine leakage.… more