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Kidney Basics

Kidney Basics

The basics about kidney function, kidney stones and kidney cancer with notes section to help patients and health care teams.… more

Ureteral Stents What You Should Know

Ureteral Stents What You Should Know

A ureteral stent is a plastic, flexible tube that helps the kidney drain urine after kidney stone surgery. Learn about how they feel, how they are removed and when to call a doctor if you feel concerned. … more

Spanish Kidney Stones What You Should Know

Cálculos renales: lo que deberia saber

Una revisión concisa de los cálculos renales para pacientes recién diagnosticados, incluidos los síntomas y el tratamiento. (Kidney Stones What You Should Know fact sheet)… more

Spanish Kidney Stone Prevention

Cálculos renales: prevención

Una descripción general de la prevención de cálculos renales, incluidos consejos sobre la dieta y los medicamentos para prevenir cálculos en el future.… more

Spanish Kidney Stones Treatment

Cálculos renales – Tratamiento

Una explicación concisa del proceso de diagnóstico y tratamiento de cálculos renales.… more

Kidney Stones - Treatment

Kidney Stones - Treatment

Download this fact sheet.… more