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Urologic Cancer Cookbook

Living Healthy Cookbook with Information about Urologic Cancers

Part of managing cancer includes a healthy diet and lifestyle. This educational cookbook has recipes from celebrity chefs and is designed to help those affected by urologic cancers.… more

Advanced Prostate Cancer

Advanced Prostate Cancer

How to diagnose, screen, treat and manage advanced prostate cancer, including a patient perspective.… more

UrologyHealth extra Navigating Prostate Cancer

UrologyHealth extra – Navigating Prostate Cancer

Order this special issue focusing on prostate cancer that includes information for patients and caregivers on risk factors, healthy living tips and more.… more

Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment What You Should Know

Advanced Prostate Cancer – What You Should Know

A review of advanced prostate cancer to include its stages and risk factors.… more

Genetic Testing for Prostate Cancer

Genetic Testing for Prostate Cancer

A description of genetic diagnostic testing to help patients make informed choices.… more