Urology Health - Constipation and Urine Control with Dr. Casey Kowalik


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Constipation and Urine Control with Dr. Casey Kowalik

Headshot of Dr. Casey Kowalik

Our guest is Dr. Casey Kowalik, a female pelvic medicine urologist at the University of Kansas. She is here to talk with us about constipation and urine control. She covers information such as what is constipation, causes, prevention, how overactive bladder may be connected and when to see a doctor.

Short on time? Use the below timestamps to jump to any topic section:
0:39 - Introduction
0:56 - How may others benefit from this talk on constipation and urine control?
1:32 - What is constipation?
2:03 - Causes of constipation
3:39 - Connection between overactive bladder and constipation
5:52 - Preventing constipation
6:48 - When should you see a doctor about constipation and urine control symptoms?
7:26 - Final thoughts

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Read more about constipation and urine control here.

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December 22, 2022

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