Urology Health - Getting Real About Urinary Tract Infections with Dr. Yahir Santiago-Lastra


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Getting Real About Urinary Tract Infections with Dr. Yahir Santiago-Lastra

Headshot of Dr. Yahir Santiago-Lastra

Our guest is Dr. Yahir Santiago-Lastra, the Associate Professor of Urology at UC San Diego Health and she talks with us about all things urinary tract infections (UTIs). Dr. Santiago-Lastra gets real about the basics around UTIs including what they are, why they happen, how they are treated and how to prevent them. We've got you covered on the basics whether it's your first UTI or a recurrent UTI.

Short on time? Use the below timestamps to jump to any section:
0:47 - Introduction
1:30 - What is a UTI?
2:38 - Main symptoms & diagnosis
5:56 - Can both men & women get UTIs? Are they transmitted sexually?
7:29 - Can UTIs go away on their own?
8:28 - Treatment for UTIs
10:07 - Recurrent UTIs & why they happen
13:09 - Preventing UTIs
15:54 - Debunking UTI myth
18:48 - Final thoughts

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November 4, 2021

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