AUA Summit - Spring 2014


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When Nerve Damage Causes Bladder Problems: Neurogenic Bladder

Until a few short years ago, Rob, who is in his 80s, had been relatively free of health problems. He was an active guy, skiing and hiking in his beloved Washington State mountains. Then what he thought was a small nagging problem was diagnosed as a complex medical problem. …more

Testicular Cancer - Most Common, Most Treatable

Matthew, an owner of a small commercial cleaning business in Kansas, married the love of his life on June 4, 2011. But a few months after the wedding, Matthew noticed something was wrong. His right testicle had grown in size and felt dense. …more

Ask a Urologist - Athletic Cups and Supporters

It is very important for boys to wear an athletic cup to protect their groin area from blunt trauma injuries when playing sports. Any fast-moving kick, ball or helmet that hits a boy in the groin area can cause serious damage, including severe bruising, internal bleeding, testicular fracture or rupture. …more

Making a Difference

People with neurogenic bladder and other urologic conditions can use many catheters daily. (See neurogenic bladder article on page 8.) Not using catheters can put patients at risk of UTIs and other, more serious health problems.…more