Spring 2013

Q & A with The Simon Foundation for Continence

The Simon Foundation for Continence has made it their mission to bring the topic of incontinence (loss of bladder or bowel control) out into the open. The Urology Care Foundation was delighted to speak with Foundation President and Founder, Cheryle B. Gartley her about her efforts and the Simon Foundation's upcoming projects.…more

Urotrauma: A Devastating but Little-Known Injury of War

While on foot patrol in Afghanistan one day in early September 2009, 29-year-old Navy SEAL Lt. Dan Cnossen stepped on an improvised explosive device (commonly known as an IED), which exploded. Fortunately, Dan survived the blast, but he suffered horrific injuries. Frequently, soldiers lose both their legs—and often the extent of the injuries does not stop there.…more

Circumcision: What Parents Should Know

In recent years, newborn circumcision, or the removal of the skin that covers the tip of a baby’s penis, has been a hot topic of debate. Varying opinions and advice may leave many new parents with more questions than answers.…more