New Research Council Chair is Ready to Advance Urologic Research

Aria F. Olumi, MD, is the new Research Council Chair for the American Urological Association and Urology Care Foundation. He approaches urologic research with energy and enthusiasm.

Finding scientific breakthroughs that will help patients is Dr. Olumi's goal. "The exciting part about what I do is the long-term gratification that you get. It takes being able to have patience, a willingness to be challenged and the ability to push the boundaries. But once you see success and know the difference it will make in patients, it becomes even more rewarding," he says.

Dr. Olumi is a urologist at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is the director of Urology Research and the co-director of the Genitourinary Oncology Clinical Program. This means Dr. Olumi specializes in the treatment of cancer and related research.

In his new position as Research Council Chair, Dr. Olumi is eager to take urologic research to new levels of success. "I want to build the future from the bottom up to improve research training," he says. "This will help urology researchers better reach their goals for securing the money needed to fund the work and to find the causes and new treatments for many diseases."