What Can We Expect after Treatment for Benign Urethral Lesions?

Urethral Polyps

If your child has surgery it should take care of any symptoms and the problem shouldn't come back.

Meatal Stenosis

The key step to keeping the problem from coming back is to spread the urethral opening and put ointment on the edges 2 or 3 times a day during healing (7 to 10 days). This will prevent painful or difficult urination and spraying of the urinary stream. For more information on what to do after treating your meatal stenosis please visit our comprehensive Urologic Conditions page.

Congenital Urethral Fistula

After the treatment, your son will need to follow up with his urologist.

Diverticulum of the Anterior Urethra

After treatment, boys who had mild forms of this condition should have a penis that works well. Boys who had a penis with a sac-like form will have a penis that will only pass urine. If the diverticulum was caused by other surgery, the penis will work well if the first surgery fixed the original problem.

Cowper's Duct Cyst

Surgery should take care of any symptoms. The problem shouldn't come back.

Urethral Duplication

Surgery should fix the problem so there's a single urinary stream. If it was a success, the problem shouldn't come back.