What are the Signs of Benign Urethral Leisions in Boys?

Symptoms of benign urethral lesions in boys depend on the type of lesion your son may have.

Urethral Polyps

If your son has a urethral polyp, there may be blood in his urine, signs of a urinary tract infection, or problems peeing. These can include:

  • weak or broken urinary stream
  • straining when peeing
  • hesitating before urine flow starts
  • stream stops suddenly
  • dribbling at the end of urination
  • painful urination
  • a sense that the bladder hasn't emptied

Meatal Stenosis

For more information on the symptoms of meatal stenosis please visit our information page on the condition.

Diverticulum of the Anterior Urethra

Some signs of urethral diverticulum are:

  • urethra bulging during urination
  • weak urinary stream with dribbling afterwards
  • having urinary infections often
  • other linked irregularities (such as prune belly syndrome)

Cowper's Duct Cyst

Signs of a Cowper's Duct cyst include:

  • discomfort during urination
  • bloody spotting
  • a weakened urinary stream
  • dribbling after urination

Urethral Duplication

While most cases of urethral duplication are found by chance, there are signs. Some signs are:

  • 2 urinary streams
  • infection in the extra urethra
  • blocking problems from a buildup of material

Duplication often occurs as a blind ending that doesn't get signals from the bladder. The duplicate urethra will almost always be on top of the normal urethra.