What Can We Expect after Treatment for Benign Urethral Lesions?

Urethral Polyps

Surgery should take care of any symptoms. The problem shouldn't come back.

Paraurethral Cyst

Your daughter's urination should return to normal. The problem shouldn't come back.

Urethral Caruncle

Unless the caruncle is very large, a urethral catheter most likely won't be left in the bladder. Any growth that's taken out during the surgery will be tested to make sure there's no cancer. Peeing may be painful for a few days, and there may also be bloody spotting. The caruncle most often doesn't come back. But you should bring your daughter back to the urologist if she has further spotting or other irritating urination problems.

Urethral Prolapse

After the catheter is taken out, your daughter can return to her normal activities. The first few days after surgery, there might be some bloody spotting and painful urination. Older children who can swallow pills may be given pain killers to ease the painful urination. It's rare for urethral prolapse to come back.