Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything I did as a mother to cause urethral polyps in my child?

No. There are no known predisposing causes. A polyp is thought to be a defect that develops the first few weeks after an egg is fertilized.

Will these polyps come back after surgery?

No. There are no cases of polyps coming back after being removed.

Are paraurethral cysts dangerous?

As a rule, they're not dangerous. Paraurethral cysts are rare, benign masses that either resolve themselves or can be easily treated with a surgical cut.

Does urethral prolapse hurt my child?

Other than bloody spotting and local irritating symptoms, the prolapsed mucous tissue mostly isn't tender, unless it has been prolapsed for several days and becomes edematous or ulcerated.

What causes urethral prolapse?

The actual cause of this condition isn't known. Some theories are a racial predisposition, poor muscle attachment of the urethral mucosa, not enough estrogen, and bad positioning of the urethra.