What are the Signs of Benign Urethral Lesions in Girls?

The symptoms of benign urethral lesions in girls are based on the type of lesion your daughter may have.

Urethral Polyps

If your daughter has a urethral polyp, you may see a small mass sticking out of her urethra. You might also see blood in her urine or underwear, and she may have trouble peeing.

Paraurethral Cyst

Common symptoms of this type of lesion are:

  • a lump that can be felt
  • misdirected urinary stream
  • urinary block
  • painful urination (in an older child)

Urethral Caruncle

Some symptoms of a urethral caruncle are:

  • bleeding and pain when peeing
  • needing to pee often
  • sudden need to pee
  • outlet of the urethra is tender

Urethral Prolapse

Symptoms of urethral prolapse are bloody spotting and sometimes painful urination. Sometimes it can keep your daughter's body from getting rid of urine.