How is Renal Abscess Diagnosed?

It can sometimes take a while to notice a renal abscess. This is because the symptoms are vague and the disease isn’t common.

Lab Tests

A blood test may show a higher white blood cell count and bacteria. Bacteria are often found in the urine as well.

Imaging Tests

X-ray findings depend on how bad the infection is and how long it’s been there. Small renal abscesses can be hard to notice on an x-ray.

Ultrasound and computerized tomography (CT) scans are most helpful in recognizing a renal abscess. Ultrasound uses sound waves bouncing off organs in the body to make a picture of what’s inside. A CT scan takes many x-rays which are put together by a computer to show “slices” of parts of the body. CT scans are used more often for finding renal abscess. This can find a renal abscess about 96 times out of 100.