What Can I Expect after Treatment for a Megaureter?

Some of the tests that were done before surgery may need to be repeated several weeks later. This is to see how well the surgery worked. The size of the ureter may not improve right away after surgery, so it'll need to be checked over time. Some problems that can arise from the surgery are:

  • bleeding
  • blocked ureter
  • vesicoureteral reflux (new or ongoing)

A block may occur soon after the operation or after a longer period of time. This problem is seen in only 5 out of 100 of cases, but it may require more surgery. Vesicoureteral reflux problems are seen after surgery in 5 out of 100 of cases as well. This may go away on its own. Most patients are followed for a number of years after surgery. Ultrasound is used to make sure the appearance of the kidney and ureter continues to improve. A renal scan is often done to make sure the kidney is working properly and that the block is fixed. A VCUG is often done a few months after surgery to check for reflux.