How are Injuries to the Penis Treated?

For Damage Caused by Sex

The treatment for a penis “fractured” during sex is most often surgery. This treatment has lower rates of erectile dysfunction, and penile scarring and curvature. Surgery is done under anesthesia so no pain is felt. The most common surgery is to make a cut around the shaft near the head of the penis and pull back the skin to the base to check the inner surface. The surgeon will then remove blood clots to help find any tears in the tunica albuginea. Any tears are repaired before the skin is sewn back together. A catheter (a thin tube) may be placed through the urethra into the bladder to drain urine and allow the penis to heal. With the whole penis bandaged, you may stay in the hospital for 1 or 2 days. You may go home with or without the catheter. You may be given antibiotics and pain meds. Your surgeon will want to follow up with an office visit to check on healing.

For Serious Trauma

For the rare cases where part of the penis has been accidentally cut off, the amputated part should be wrapped in gauze soaked in sterile salt solution and placed in a plastic bag. The plastic bag should then be put into a second bag or cooler with an ice water slush. Do not place any amputated organ into ice water, as the water and direct contact with ice is harmful to tissue. If the penis can be reattached, the lower temperature of the slush will increase the chances of success. It may be possible to reattach the penis even after 16 hours.

For massive injuries to the penis, urologists who are skilled at this surgery can often rebuild the penis. How well the penis will work after the surgery depends on how badly it was damaged.