After Surgery for SUI

The goal of any treatment for incontinence is to improve your quality of life. Surgical treatments usually work, especially when combined with lifestyle changes. Make sure you rest for a few weeks to allow for recovery and healing.

Common sense and care will help the benefits of these surgeries last for a long time. Continue with daily Kegel exercises to maintain pelvic muscle strength. Ideally, you should maintain a healthy weight. A large amount of weight gain or activities that strain your belly and pelvis can harm surgical repair over time.

Stay in touch with your healthcare provider/surgeon about follow-up care. Typically, you will be asked to visit your surgeon between six weeks and six months after surgery for a follow-up visit. Your bladder may also be tested to see how well its releasing urine and if urine remains in the bladder after going to the bathroom. If leaking symptoms remain or if you have any pain, let your surgeon know right away.

In most cases, great improvements and even the cure of all leaks are possible for people who choose SUI surgery Keep in mind that the medical devices implanted with surgery may need adjustments over time.