What Can You Expect after Treatment?

Potency and Fertility

Removal of 1 testicle should not impair your sexual potency or fertility. Still, there is a chance of

  • a brief decrease in sperm production
  • a change in ability to ejaculate (after surgery to remove lymph nodes)

But the other gland should compensate and make enough testosterone. Also, with today's surgical techniques, this problem is rare. Some drugs may also help reverse ejaculation problems. Most men are able to have a normal erection after surgery. But because ejaculation can be impaired with surgery and because chemotherapy can lower sperm counts (usually only temporarily), you may wish to bank sperm before treatment.


If you have been diagnosed with a testicular tumor, you can expect to be followed for at least 5 years with:

  • periodic x-rays
  • CT scans
  • blood tests for tumor markers

Also, since there is an increased risk (about 2%) of a second tumor, it is important to continue monthly testicular self-exams.