What are the Symptoms of Testicular Injury?

The first sign of trauma to the testicle or scrotum is most often severe pain. Pain around the testicle may also be due to infection or swelling of the epididymis ("epididymitis"). Because the epididymis has a very thin wall, it easily becomes red and swollen by infection or injury. If not treated, in rare cases the blood supply to the testicle can get blocked. This can lead to loss of the testicle.

Men who suffer more than a minor injury to the scrotum should seek care by a urologist. Reasons to seek medical care are:

  • any penetrating injury to the scrotum
  • bruising and/or swelling of the scrotum
  • trouble peeing or blood in the urine
  • fevers after testicular injury

Though not linked to the injury, a large number of testicular tumors are found after minor injuries when men are more likely to carefully check their testicles. Many men don't notice the painless, solid lump bulging from the smooth testicular cover until they have a reason to look. Even if you think this is a simple bruise, it's a medical emergency. Testicular cancer caught early can often be cured. But tumors found late often need drawn-out treatment with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.