What are the Symptoms of Cloacal Abnormalities?

In some cases the 3 tracts come together at a low point. A newborn with this defect has no visible anus (the opening where feces leave the body). Everything else looks normal. There is often a wide common channel that drains freely. Urinary obstruction is not a problem.

In other cases the 3 tracts come together at a high point. For these newborns, the common channel is long, so draining waste is more difficult. Urinary tract infections are common.

Other issues:

  • The clitoris may look like a penis (gender confusion)
  • There may be more than one vagina and cervix
  • The vagina can be obstructed leading to an abdominal swelling
  • The anus may be malformed
  • There may be other problems with the ureters and kidneys
  • The spinal cord can be abnormal
  • The heart can have structural defects
  • Limbs can be deformed