How Are Urogenital Sinus Abnormalities Treated?

Surgery to separate the vagina and urethra is the only way to fix urogenital sinus. There are 3 parts of the surgery.


This treatment involves reshaping the tissue into a female clitoris. Special care will be taken with the nerves in this tissue so sexual feelings can be experienced. Extra skin is also used to make labia minora.


This treatment allows the labia majora to be made with nearby skin (that looks like part of the scrotum).


This treatment can be done in many ways. You and your child’s doctor will decide the best plan, based on the type of case.

Flap Vaginoplasty

This treatment is done for a low confluence (joined) case. The surgeon opens the area so that the vagina and urethra have separate outer openings.

Pull-through Vaginoplasty

This treatment is done for a high confluence (joined) case. The vagina is brought to its normal place on the surface of the skin. The urethra will still drain through what had been the common opening. The surgeon may need to use a piece of skin or a section of bowel.