How is Conn’s Syndrome Treated?

Depending on the type of Conn's Syndrome you have the treatment may vary. Below are the common treatments.

Primary hyperaldosteronism caused by a tumor is most often treated by removing the adrenal gland (unilateral adrenalectomy). Remember that adrenal vein sampling is mandatory before the adrenal gland with the mass is removed, since in up to one third of patients the problem can stem from both or the opposite adrenal gland. This surgery is almost always done laparoscopically.

  • Bilateral hyperplasia is treated with diuretics (water pills), which help manage fluid buildup in the body.
  • Secondary hyperaldosteronism is most often treated with drugs.

It's important to know that adrenal surgery is complex. It helps to choose a surgeon who has significant experience with surgery in the area around the kidneys and adrenal glands. Talk with a few surgeons before you choose one to work with.