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Our vision: Be the leader in improving health care for urologic patients worldwide through research, education and humanitarian support.


Humanitarians in Urology

The Urology Care Foundation recognizes individuals for their outstanding contributions and supports ongoing projects to improve urologic care in underserved populations globally.


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The Urology Care Foundation Humanitarian Grants and Health Equity Fellowship Programs support the outstanding efforts of individuals and projects that provide direct urologic patient care to individuals and communities in underserved areas, either within or outside the United States.

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The Impact of Our Humanitarian Mission

In 2020, the Urology Care Foundation launched a series of humanitarian endowments to support missions that are improving urologic health in underserved areas across the globe. The impact will go beyond the mere physical, providing hope, dignity, and quality of life.

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The value of the humanitarian work many urologists and health care professionals take part in each year is immense and extends beyond their daily clinical responsibilities to improve the lives of those living in remote, challenged or under-resourced communities. Although physicians may have been recognized for their work in the past, there has never been a systemized mechanism within the Foundation to recognize this critical part of our mission as urologists, physicians and fellow human beings until now. Our Foundation is global and without borders.

Harris M. Nagler, MD

President of the Urology Care Foundation

45 Years

Investing in new treatments and innovative research

$34 million

More than $34 million in global research funding

+850 Awards

Dedicated to preventing, diagnosing and treating urologic cancer and disease

100+ Institutions

Working to find the next breakthrough in urologic cancer