What Can I Expect after Treatment for Urethral Trauma?

If surgery was done, the catheter left in the bladder can be uncomfortable. Also, the catheter can bother the bladder and cause it to contract on its own, which can hurt. This can also cause some blood to be seen in the urine. These symptoms often clear up after the catheter is taken out.

The most common problem after urethral repair is scarring in the urethra. The scars can partly block the urine flow, causing the stream to be weak. You may also have to strain to urinate. Your urologist can often fix this by widening the scarred section. This is done with instruments placed through the urethra. Sometimes the surgery needs to be done again to keep the urethra open.

If you had a pelvic fracture urethral injury, your urologist will arrange follow-up visits. These are to make sure you don’t develop erectile dysfunction, or urine control problems.