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What We Do: About the Urology Care Foundation

We support urologic research and strive to provide the most current, comprehensive and reliable urologic health information for patients and the public. Founded in 1987, the Foundation:

  • Supports research professionals through grant programs, clinical trials and the publishing of the National Urology Research Agenda (NURA)
  • Offers a vast repository of patient education materials on urological conditions
  • Engages in public awareness campaigns, special events and community programs to help further the cause of educating those at risk and those already suffering from urological conditions
  • Supports and advocates on a variety of issues pertaining to patient urological health, industry standards and access to care
  • Is supported by a wide variety of corporate sponsors, endowments and individual donors
  • Publishes Urology Health Extra magazine as a service to patients, health care professionals and the public


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Be the leader in improving health care for urologic patients worldwide by supporting research, providing education and advancing humanitarian initiatives.


We support the improvement of urological care by funding research, developing patient education, advancing humanitarian initiatives and pursuing philanthropic support.

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