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Making an Impact

At the Urology Care Foundation, we understand that research is the threshold to discovering new and better treatments, as well as the cures for the many urologic disease and conditions people struggle with on a daily basis. With your help, we've been able to fund advancements in prostate cancer, male infertility and bladder cancer research, just to name a few.

We're also committed to supporting education and helping individuals understand ways to actively manage their urologic health care and make direct, positive and healthy changes in their lives. But, we still have more to do.

Advocating for Urology Patients

1 in 3 Americans over 40 have symptoms of urinary incontinence. The Foundation is working with the American Urological Association (AUA) to improve the lives of patients with a urologic condition and challenge laws that poorly impact the quality of patient care. These efforts have led to the expansion of funding with NIH and NIDDK. Bladder cancer research is now included within the Department of Defense programs. ...more

Impact of our Research

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  • Nearly 4 million babies born in the U.S. last year. The Foundation has been the leading supporter of male infertility research in the past decade, providing $3.3 million toward these efforts.

  • Lifetime risk of prostate cancer drops. Prostate cancer now affects 1 in 9 men, a stat that's down from the 1 in 6 it affected less than 10 years ago.

  • More Bladder Cancer patients are surviving. Since our first research scholar in 1975, the 5-year survival rate for Bladder Cancer has risen from 72% to nearly 80%.

Increasing Research Funding

Thanks to the generous support of our donors and partner organizations, the Urology Care Foundation has been able to increase our research funding by more than 400%!

First Foundation Scholar Helped Lead Amazing Progress

Become an AdvocateSince receiving the first Foundation Research Scholar Award, Dr. Larry Lipshultz has trained more than 80 fellows. He estimates nearly 3,000 babies have been conceived with his work in male infertility.  ...more

Surviving Kidney Cancer: Leo's Story

Become an Advocate

Along with breakthroughs in research, educating patients and their families on what they need to know through the lifespan of a condition can also change lives for the better.  ...more

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