What are the Symptoms of Advanced Prostate Cancer?

Men with advanced prostate cancer often have no symptoms. Advanced prostate cancer can be found by x-rays or tests done for other medical reasons. When there are symptoms, they depend on the size of the new growth and where the cancer has spread. For example, when prostate cancer has spread to the pelvic bones, you may feel lower back or hip pain. You may have no symptoms from cancer in the prostate. Or you may have problems urinating or see blood in your urine. When men do have symptoms, they often feel tired or weak, have lost weight, feel pain or have shortness of breath.

How can advanced cancer affect your life?

Cancer that has spread far from the prostate cannot be cured. Treatment slows the cancer's growth and controls symptoms. This can help you feel good, extend your life and enjoy life for as long as possible.

Updated August 2018