What are Some Treatment Options?

Without treatment, renovascular disease can be deadly. Fortunately treatment is available. The goal of treatment is to control blood pressure and prevent kidney failure.

Lifestyle Changes

If you smoke, your health care team (and your loved ones) will suggest that you stop. You will also be asked to change your diet and do more exercises to improve your heart health. Maintaining healthy lifestyle habits have been proven to help.


With lifestyle changes, treatment often starts with medicine to control blood pressure. It can also include aspirin, cholesterol-lowering drugs, and drugs for other conditions. High blood pressure pills are very good at controlling blood pressure, but the disease may go on to block arteries. Your medical team will aim to prevent the loss of kidney tissue and progressive kidney failure. This is more difficult if renal artery stenosis hurts both kidneys.

Surgical Procedures

If you need more treatment, your doctor may recommend surgery. Endovascular procedures are used to remove blocks in your kidney arteries. These treatments can restore blood flow to your kidneys. When blood flow returns, your kidneys can function and high blood pressure may lower.

Balloon angioplasty is a common treatment for blocks in the renal artery. It is done inside the blood vessel with a tiny balloon on the end of a small, flexible tube, called a catheter. It is important to find a doctor with special training for this. In atherosclerotic disease, a renal artery stent may also be done. Research has shown that this helps for a while, but more treatment may be needed over time.

Surgical revascularization (surgery to renew blood flow) may be needed. It is used when medicine, balloon angioplasty and stent placement don't help enough. This is also used when kidney failure is found. There are many surgical procedures available to renew blood flow. For example, aortorenal bypass grafts and extra anatomic bypass procedures.

If you need a more complex procedure called bench surgery. This includes a kidney transplant, with the reconstruction of the renal vessel.