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Kidney Cancer Impact Alliance (KCIA)

The Urology Care Foundation leads an alliance of 13 patient and physician advocacy organizations and industry representatives to advance education about, research into, and access to high quality care for those with kidney cancer.

The Kidney Cancer Impact Alliance is a diverse group of stakeholders associated with the kidney cancer community, including patients, their family members or other caregivers, researchers, physicians, patient advocates, and allied health professionals who collaborate to impact patient-centric issues. The alliance framework is based on a collaborative approach designed to remove barriers to patient care and improve access to high quality risk assessment and management and life-saving treatments as appropriate. The framework is also intended to encompass all stakeholders associated with the kidney cancer community to ensure productive conversations, and the opportunity to leverage strengths of all members.

Our Mission

The Kidney Cancer Impact Alliance comprises like-minded patient, physician, and research advocates who collaborate to raise awareness, advocate and increase access for patients & caregivers impacted by kidney cancer and associated conditions. The goal of the KCIA is to:

  1. Raise awareness about prevalence and implications;
  2. Advocate to protect and secure funding research;
  3. Increase access to skilled specialists and improved treatments; and
  4. Promote collaboration between stakeholder groups.

Our Founding Steering Committee

  • Chandra Clark, Executive Director The VHL Alliance
  • Ashley Ruggieri, Director of Patient Advocacy and Partnerships Kidney Cancer Association
  • Jacqueline Zarro, Patient Advocacy Liaison American Urological Association

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

  • Intuitive
  • Bristol Myers Squibb

Kidney Cancer Impact Alliance partners include:

Action to Cure Kidney Cancer
Bristol Myers Squibb
Chris CJ Johnson Foundation
Driven to Cure
Joey's Wings
Judy Nicholson Kidney Cancer Foundation
Kidney Cancer Association
National Kidney Foundation
Kure It Cancer Research
The Max Foundation
VHL Alliance

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