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Arabic Premature Ejaculation

دليل المرضى للقذف المبكر

شرحٌ مفصل للقذف وكذلك أسباب سرعة القذف وتشخيصها وعلاجها والوقاية منها.… more

Arabic Interstitial Cystitis

دليل المرضى لالتهاب المثانة الخلالي

يوفر معلومات حول متلازمة آلام المثانة/التهاب المثانة الخلالي بالإضافة إلى نظرة عامة على الجهاز البولي.… more

Arabic Testosterone Therapy

دليل المرضى للعلاج بالتستوستيرون

قم بتنزيل دليل المرضى هذا للحصول على معلومات عما يحتاج المرضى إلى معرفته حول علاج التستوستيرون. (Testosterone Therapy Patient Guide)… more

Arabic Kidney Masses and Localized Kidney Tumors

الكتل الكلوية وأورام الكلى الموضعية

دليل حول كيفية تشخيص الكتل الكلوية ومعالجتها وإدارتها، بما في ذلك وجهة نظر المرضى.… more

Arabic Erectile Dysfunction

دليل المرضى لعلاج خلل الانتصاب

كتيب يعطي المرضى لمحة عامة عن أعراض خلل الانتصاب وأسبابه وتشخيصه وعلاجه. ويتضمن الكتيب قسمًا لتدوين الملاحظات… more

Urologic Cancer Cookbook

Living Healthy Cookbook with Information about Urologic Cancers

Part of managing cancer includes a healthy diet and lifestyle. This educational cookbook has recipes from celebrity chefs and is designed to help those affected by urologic cancers.… more

Testicular Cancer Patient Guide

Testicular Cancer Patient Guide

Detailed guide to include a patient story, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for men as well as a section on children with testicular cancer.… more

Kidney Cancer Patient Guide

Kidney Cancer Patient Guide

Download this patient guide.… more

Testosterone Therapy Patient Guide

Testosterone Therapy

Download this patient guide.… more

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

Download this brochure.… more

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation

Download this brochure.… more

Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome

Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome (IC/BPS)

Download this patient guide to learn more information about IC/BPS and the urinary tract.… more

Italian Testosterone Therapy

Terapia con testosterone: una guida per il paziente

Una guida dettagliata su testosterone, sintomi da scarso testosterone, cause, diagnosi e opzioni di trattamento. (Testosterone Therapy Patient Guide)… more

Italian Testicular Cancer Patient Guide

Cancro del testicolo - Guida per il paziente

Una guida dettagliata che include storia del paziente, sintomi, diagnosi e trattamento negli uomini, oltre a una sezione dedicata ai bambini colpiti da cancro del testicolo. (Testicular Cancer Patient Guide)… more

Italian Premature Ejaculation Patient Guide

Eiaculazione precoce

Una spiegazione dettagliata dell’eiaculazione, oltre che delle cause, della diagnosi, del trattamento e della prevenzione dell’eiaculazione precoce.… more

UrologyHealth extra® – Bladder Cancer Special Issue

UrologyHealth extra® – Bladder Cancer Special Issue

Download this special issue focusing on bladder cancer that includes information for patients and caregivers on the basics such as the stages of this cancer, symptoms, treatments, risk factors and how to learn more.… more

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

Download this fact sheet.… more