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Healthy Habits For Your Winter Wellness

Healthy Habits For Your Winter Wellness

Posted on: 24 Feb 2023

Dog standing on rug and wearing red and black sweater.

Finding healthy habits that you can stick with year-round is a great way to manage your overall health and wellness. Getting daily workouts, eating healthy foods, taking care of your mental health. These are all things that help keep balance in our lives. When the weather gets cold and winter comes around, it may be harder to keep up those healthy habits. Here are a few tips that may help get you out of that winter slump and stick with a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Instead of running outside (which may not be ideal due to cold or icy weather), try winter workouts like snow shoeing, cross country skiing, ice skating or winter hikes. Just make sure the ice is not too thin! Use proper winter gear like Yaktrax shoes or walking poles to keep your balance outside and help you not slip.
  2. A gym membership or a group fitness class at your local health center is a great option to stay indoors and be around others.
  3. Working out at home can include a personal trainer or you can find many at-home workouts with a smartphone app or even for free on YouTube.
  4. Take a dog out for a walk. This could be your own dog or you could volunteer to walk a neighbor’s dog to get that fresh air. No pets nearby? No problem! Go out for a walk with your family or friends on a clear, crisp day around the neighborhood.
  5. Indoor wellness activities can include things like puzzles, Legos (both for kids and yes, adults, too!), board games, bullet journaling, meditation, read a book, adopt a new plant, organize your closet, declutter, learn an instrument or new language and try a new recipe (have you checked out our cookbook?!).

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to stop being active. Embrace a healthy life and create a winter wellness challenge for yourself. Include friends and family. Make it fun! Bring the sunshine to those cold, dark and winter days and keep living healthy.

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