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Creating an Owner’s Manual for Your Urologic Health

Creating an Owner’s Manual for Your Urologic Health

Posted on: 07 Apr 2023

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When you buy a new car, it comes with an owner’s manual. The owner’s manual tells you important details about your car, to include when service needs to be performed to help the car continue to run smoothly. This manual is helpful to keep in your car so you can reference it every now and then and make sure you are on track with keeping your car service up-to-date. But when it comes to your health, where do you keep your own health manual to keep track of crucial checkups and screenings? And do you know what should be in your health manual?

Most men know the basics of auto care, yet many men are not sure about their urologic care. With a car, keeping the gas tank full and air in the tires is a must, along with scheduled oil changes. Did you know that certain healthy living tips could make an impact on male urologic health? When that light appears on your dash – there’s a problem. It’s the same with urologic health. There are some signs that indicate it’s time to call the doctor.

The below resources can be used to help you learn more basic information about men’s urology and your personal health maintenance plan:

Men's Urology Tune-Up Fact Sheet

Men's Urology Pit Stop Poster

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