AUA Summit - Bringing Awareness to Infertility: You Are Not Alone


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Bringing Awareness to Infertility: You Are Not Alone

Bringing Awareness to Infertility: You Are Not Alone

Posted on: 22 Apr 2022

Couple sitting facing the sunset with woman's head on man's shoulder.

National Infertility Awareness Week is April 24-30, 2022. Infertility is the inability to conceive with your partner after trying for at least a year. It can be an exciting time when a couple decides to start trying for a baby. Bringing new life into the world is a beautiful process and can add so much joy to a couple’s life. But for those couples who have trouble getting pregnant, this process can bring about more worry along the way.

While infertility seems to be more talked about among women, it does affect men as well. Know that you are not alone and there are options to help live out your dream of having a biological child. If you and your partner are trying to conceive and you are a male who is curious about his fertility, there are options for sperm testing. Of course, talking to your doctor is always the best option if you are worried about your fertility. Based on your timeline, your doctor may suggest seeing a fertility doctor. This may be a great option for you, but it may not be easy to access for everyone.

Just like women have at-home fertility and ovulation tests, there are at-home sperm tests available for men too! This may be a great place to start in your fertility journey. The below podcast talks about infertility and home sperm testing with Dr. Ali Dabaja. Listen as Dr. Dabaja talks about how to use these tests, where you can find them and how they can help with male infertility.

To listen to more podcasts about male infertility, check out all of our sexual health podcasts here.  

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