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Let's Talk Men's Health

Let's Talk Men's Health

Posted on: 17 Jun 2022

Three men talking outside.

June is Men’s Health Month, a time to focus on the health and wellness of men all over the world. This month is a time to help raise awareness of urology-related conditions and diseases that affect men, such as prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction.

During the month of June, we are challenging men to “get up and go,” whether it’s going to exercise, getting screened or eating a healthy meal. Education, early detection and regular check-ups could save lives with many health issues facing men.

Our Men’s Health Info Center is a great place to start your healthy journey. While it is best to talk to your doctor about any questions or concerns you have about your specific condition or disease, these free resources can help you learn more! Resources available include fact sheets, patient guides, care blogs and podcasts.  If you are in need of a urologist, our Find-a-Urologist tool can help you locate a doctor near you.

You can also check out this online issue of our patient magazine, UrologyHealth extra®, to read more about Men’s Health!

Commit to making healthy choices that are not only great for your overall health, but your urologic health!

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